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Thursday, 19 January 2012

♥ Terengganu Kite!

Hellow Darling! Salam.. Thiiih... (Senyum sengih ketat)

Well, haritu kami telah bercuti ke Terengganu. I've never been there kecuali Club Med je la. We've stayed here for a week. My husband and I and Cheng Ho with his lovely wife. :D

For me, east coast of the Peninsular is the real Malaysia. It’s cultural heartland. Indeed,  there's so many colourful villages, the islands with comfortable chalets, the beach, and also keropok lekor! Travel to the east coast has made me forget Kuala Lumpur’s fast pace, hectic traffic and people on the move. The relaxed pace makes it an ideal place to visit and there are resorts where it’s possible to chill and relax.. 

Marang fishing village can be seen from the bridge crossing over Sungai Marang. At the end of the bridge having crossed from the south side is a little dirt road leading into a fishing village where the fishermen park their boats and where they unload their catch. For photographer, this is a fine place to capture some amazing picture. 

Pasar Payang is a must-visit place. Located just a few minutes walk north along the pier from the inter city bus station and Located just by the Sungai Terengganu. It is the lifeline of Kuala Terengganu and one of the most popular tourist spots in Terengganu, for shopping and also to have a taste of life in Terengganu. Me? Shoppinglaaa! Apa lagi.. Hihi! 

So! What about keropok lekor? Semua pun tahu kan kat sini memang famous dengan lekor.
The place to buy lekor a bit stinks but hey lekor at Terengganu is the best lekor. For me, the boiled lekor taste better than the fried lekor. Lekor also best eaten when deep fried, crispy outside, chewy chewy inside. And last but not least after we bought the lekor they gave us some special chillies sauce to dip in it. Delicously simple! 

Thanks A lot to Orang Ganu Kiter.. Especially Jazman and his pretty mom! Sedaplah your mom masak. We've really enjoyed the food. ;)

 Perjalanan kami ke sana hujan. Sejuk!! At 7.30 a.m.

Petronas proud.

Nasi Dagang walaOwei!

Qiesya: I want that too papa..

At Airport with Jazman while waiting Cheng Ho

View from our room at **** hotel :)

Breakfast at 8 a.m.

Me, Qiesya, Fuzah, Aisy Hafiy :D

Qiesya yang Kpoo...

Aisy Hafiy: Mummy Aisy want to swim..

Qiesya yang langsung tak menghiraukan pun akan sekelilingnya. ZZzz..

Syiok- syiok!

Makan laagi!

Cheng Ho's Family

My Fam ;)


1/19/2012 12:43:00 am


    I'm Nurhayati Abd Malek
    Well Life is too short to be sad kan.
    So.. Happy lah while U can
    while U still breath. ;)


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