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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

♥ Salam RAMADAN AL-MUBARAK to All the Muslim

First of all, terima kasih kepada semua yang telah sudi bertamu di sini. I just went back from my hometown, Muar for berbuka puasa with my parents. Cuaca sangat baik dan cantik harini.

Ramadhan is back! Ummi asked me wether I can fast or not tomorrow because I'm pregnant and she scared that the baby won't have enough vitamin from her mother. Mestilah puasa! Don't worry the baby still can get enough vitamin from me even I'm fasting. Ummi senyum je. Ye la takut nanti tak larat pulak kan.. My mom a bit worry. Hihi. 

So, as we all know Ramadan is the 9th month of an islamic calendar. The month of Ramadhan usually starts with the sighting of the new moon which marks the beginning of the 9th month of the islamic calendar.Traditionally, this method is being used to fix the date of Ramadan as stated in the Al-Quran, and was followed by the Prophet Muhammad. 

Ramadan is one of the holy festivals which the Muslims celebrate every year with a month of fasting and prayers. They not only pray to god for themselves but also request the almighty to shower his blessings on their loved ones. Waktu ni jugalah ramai di antara mereka yang ingin merapatkan kembali serta mengeratkan lagi silaturahim di antara rakan- rakan dan keluarga. And it’s the time when they send warm wishes to their dear ones, thus hoping that they enjoy good luck and prosperity. Memang banyak kebaikannya di Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ni.

Some of the Muslims are so devoted that they spend the entire night praying. Muslims visit mosque and prayer during the entire Ramadan month. Apart from the daily five prayers during Ramadhan, Muslims recite Tarawikh prayer also called the Night prayer. Masa ni jugalah semua banyak menghabiskan malam- malam mereka di rumah bersama keluarga tersayang. During the night they spend the night for tarawikh and family and get to fast the next morning.

According to Islam, Ramadan fast is the way when a Muslim can devote himself to god truly without giving much concern to other activities of the day. Semoga kita akan perolehi lebih keberkatan pada RAMADAN kali ini. INSYA'ALLAH....


8/02/2011 11:34:00 am


    I'm Nurhayati Abd Malek
    Well Life is too short to be sad kan.
    So.. Happy lah while U can
    while U still breath. ;)


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