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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

♥ Ahh! It's my Birthday!!

Hi Darling! Salam..

Hahaha! And Hahaha! Can YOU guys and gurls see it? It's a birthday cake! Happy ice cream cake to YOU Nurhayati Malek! 

Kay.. Since saye baru sahaje habis pantang so dapatlah saye merasa cake ice cream yang sedap itu. Oh, Don't get wrong honey.. Actually my birhday is 29th October. Dah lepas lama dah pun. But... Masa tu masih dalam pantang kan, so tak dapatla cake. Sigh! 


Saye sangat happy dan happy! Yeay! Thank YOU Hang Tuah for the best ever cake!

So, silalah Enjoy the snap! But sorry guys my baju and tudung are so messy. We made it simple. Dah malam lagipun about 12am. :)

Can YOU see it? Ahhh!

Ahhhh! Betulla...

What's ur flava honey?

Haaa! can't wait to open it.

Happy ice cream cake!!

 Qiesya with Papa
 Qiesya with ME
Ahh! Here is the cake....


Let's potong and makan!

My Fav Flava: Vanilla Strawberry

Kayy! That's all. Taa Darling! ^_^

12/28/2011 10:41:00 pm


    I'm Nurhayati Abd Malek
    Well Life is too short to be sad kan.
    So.. Happy lah while U can
    while U still breath. ;)


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