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Saturday, 24 December 2011

♥ My Experince delivered Qiesya Durrany

Anak mama tersedu! 

Haha! Mesti pelik kan why laa ada benda putih tu kat dahi Qiesya. Okay.. Yang tahu tu tak apelah kan. Kepada yang belum tahu, benda putih tu adelah tisu yang dibasahkan dengan air paip untuk menghilangkan rasa tersedu baby. Ala is like petua orang dolu- dolu.. My Ummi yang suruh letak so, i pun letak je la without knowing what is the point letak pun. Hihi!

Kay.. Ni laa Nur Qiesya Durrany yang saye sebut- sebut masa special announcement that day. Cute kann? (Puji anak sendiri. Hihi. Sape lagi nak puji kalau bukan mama dia kannn)

Actually, it wasn't exactly the birth we had planned for but as the saying goes lah kan, life is what happens while we're making other plans. 

As you know my due date actually adelah pada 4th November 2011 but Qiesya tak sabar nak keluar jumpa mama dia, so I delivered pada 22nd October 2011. About 2 weeks awal isn't it? 

On Friday night, 21st October 2011 I still can shopped with My Hang Tuah. Beli barang ni la barang tu la but semuanya barang for my baby la of course. And plus we are going to Shahril's daughter's birthday partayyy. So, belilaa baju Anakku untuk Sofea Hana.

Me: Sayang, agak- agak sempat ke nak pergi birthday party anak Shahril tomorrow?

Him: Sempat....

Me: Kay.... (Sambil belek- belek baju gown for anak Shahril)

Him: Sempat Kotttt.. (Tiba- tiba je kan?)

Me: Haaarrr? Ala buat nervous je la si Hang Tuah ni.

Actually, I dah start rasa sakit bahagian pinggang masa beli baju tu but I still can hold the pain. After we went to Anakku I was very happy. Yelah kan excited nak dapat orang baru. Mestlaa happy and also nervous because I'm still don't know how is the pain deliver the baby. Ada orang kata sakit. Ada orang kata tak sakit pun! Yeke? Well, maybe kita tak patut dengar cakap orang kan? But I'm too excited to know u know.. I want to know it!

Him: Alaa.. Nanti bila dah bersalin you know la how is the pain deliver the baby. There's no pain kay. Dun worry sayang. Nanti I will help you to push the baby. 

Me: Oh how sweet you are.. Thank you sayang! (Ahhh! Ye laa tu kan.. Why la lelaki tak boleh pregnant and bersalin kan senang??) Heee

So, the next day I pretend to be like a normal me, walaupun pinggang dah agak sakit jugak la. 5 minutes after that I've found that my liner is a bit pinkish. And yeah it's maybe the time kot? We went to UMRA Hospital and the doctor said that my cervix is still not open yet. So, we went back to Setia Alam. Reached home at 11am and oh my GOD the pain is like getting harder. I asked my Hang Tuah to massage at my back. It's really like having dysmenorrhea and he knows how am I going to be when having a messy day. 

At about 12 noon my bag of waters burst and then things change a lot. Actually, at first I thought that I want to pee and I want to go to the toilet but My Ummi said this is the sign of labour hunnee! Go to Hospital now! My Hang Tuah sangat kelam kabut masa tu. Ye lah kan we are about to pergi rumah Shahril dah. But tak sempat pun.. 

Kami sampai di UMRA at 2pm and I terus di masukkan ke wad bersalin. They started it slow and the contraction was very tolerable. But after a few hours My head become hurts just thinking about what I will go through after this waters break and plus the pain is getting harder and harder. With so much ahead of me, there was no way i was going to be able to tolerate the pain and asked for pain killer. I'm allergy to paracetamol and voltaren so the doctor gave me pethidine which is the ingredient whooah memang buat I mamai habis..... 

We called the midwife and seperti biasa they checked my progress. I was at 7cm! No wonder lah the pain was so bad. I terus dimasukkan ke labour room. The doctor said that the progress will take a few hours. Maybe 1-2 hours more. But sampai je kat labour it's already 8-9cm and I'm about to deliver now. I didn't take epidural at all nor entonox gasses. I have to push about 5 times (boleh kira lagi kan masa dah sakit- sakit tu).

Him: Sayang. You sayang baby kan.. So you have to push the baby out sayang.. Baca selawat Ingat Allah kay..

Me: (I'm still trying to push the baby but the way I push salah. Doctor pun marah. Aduii laa.)

Him: Sayang.. Wake up! Bangun sayang.. Jangan tidur... Macam mana baby nak keluar kalau sayang tidur.

Me: (OMG I tertidur ke? Ahaahaha! Olehsebab I dah tak tahan ngantuk and I malas nak dengar doctor marah and My Hang Tuah was very supportive at that time so I've decided to make that push is the last push)

Baby: Uuungwekkk.. (hihi macam tu ke bunyi baby?)

Yaaaay! Terus sakit Hilang!! Seriously...  ;)

Thank you sayang U are really my best supporter u know. 


12/24/2011 10:43:00 am


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