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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

♥ Preparation for Ramadan has reminded me

Preparation for Ramadan has reminded me of my own college life. It was a time my life where i've gained many funny, stupid and educational experience that i appreciate and laugh over thinking back now. Yang paling best masa tu, berbuka puasa dengan maggi and susah betul nak bangun sahur.

Most importantly, college was a time in live that taught me to stand on my own two feet and meet many new friends who are now dear friends to me.

Convocated on 2009, I was full of energy, bursting to face the next chapter of my life. Having a memorable convocation, recalling connecting of our graduation gown, nursing cap, and how the gown was too big and the nursing cap keep slipping from my head until I think it's better if i'm not wearing the cap. Taking the graduation pictures with my classmate and lecturers was a memory that i cherish.

Many of friends now are scattered around the world, living their life to the fullest and we do meet ocassionally where we hug and cry and update each other as much as we can. We are really glad to each other to share all the ups and down. Rindu betul!

Everytime after sahur, berbuka puasa and go for tarawikh, we know that Hari Raya Aidilfitri just not very far ahead. Tak sabar nak beraya ke rumah kawan- kawan nanti. Looking forward to lots smiles.. I miss all of them!

Thank you Mom & Dad..  

8/03/2011 01:40:00 pm


    I'm Nurhayati Abd Malek
    Well Life is too short to be sad kan.
    So.. Happy lah while U can
    while U still breath. ;)


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