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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

♥ Attention! 8 Food Rulez!


Kebanyakan kita selalu mengabaikan kebersihan makanan sama ada sengaja atau tidak sengaja. Tahukan anda kebersihan makanan amatlah penting dalam kehidupan seharian kita untuk mengelakkan diri dari terkena penyakit?

So, here are some the tips!

1. Scrub your hands! To avoid food contamination
- Always wash hands after gone to the toilet or handled raw food and before preparing or eating food.

2. Organize ya fridge correctly
- Makesure simpan raw food on the bottom shelf.

3. Defrost food safely
- Neva eva leave food out to defrost at room temperature as it's the perfect climate for harmful bacteria to grow.
(If u need to defrost it, gunalah microwave! :D )

4. Cook and Reheat
- Chicken, fish, meat, sausage should always be cooked well. No pink bits!
(If ya food under 60 degree Celcius, bacteria will happily multiply and ya'll end up digesting harmful bacteria. Yuck!)
5. The 2 Hour rule
- Neva eva biarkan makanan anda melebihi 2 jam pada room temperature particularly dairy, egg products, steamed rice, and ready to go meals, as they'll be unsafe to makan oke..

6. Always check the USE BY date.
- It's very risky to eat food past its use by date. But items past their best before date are okay. They just may have lost quality or nutritional value.

7. Take care with cloths and sponges
- Pastikan anda asingkan kain lap pinggan dan lap tangan. Hang them to dry after use and wash them every few days.
( Jangan lupa untuk cuci sponges pencuci pinggan dgn hot water after use dan keringkan ia!)

8. Jika anda sakit, stay away from kitchen!
- Neva eva prepare food for others if u have food poisoning. U can spread the bacteria for up 48 hours after ya last toilet dash.

Kay.. I think thats enuf for now. :)

Say NO to bacteria!
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6/05/2012 05:34:00 pm


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