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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

♥ Shopping Emas!

Assalamualaikum to all the readers and followers..

Unexpected price. What is it? GOLD! Tak sangka betul harga emas sekarang ni turun naik. Hari ni harga emas turun! Oh! It's really A magical time to buy it as soon as possible which is harini gak lah kan. Sebab esok lusa belum tahu harga emas naik atau turun. But for me harga harini adalah yang paling murah pada tahun ni. Masa beli emas untuk Qiesya aritu pun harga emas tak lah semurah harini. Huhuhu!

Why Gold? As we all knows that gold is a rare metal that has always appealed men's attention kan. Its colour, its chemical stability is just amazing. Gold's chemical symbol is AU and its atomic number is 79. Chemistry memang peningkan? 

So, I've bought 999 Gold from RS Gold Jewellery. They are very good at buy and sell with Gold. For me this is really A good time to buy gold. Why? If u want to know Gold has been called a "barometer of fear". When people are anxious about the economy, they turn to gold and bid the price up. 

Just imagine if You have money and gold which is the same price as your money. 1 or 2 years later. Do ya think that the price is still the same? Memang taklah kan... Of course lah emas lagi tinggi harga nya. 

And.. Just imagine if U are at the overseas and U have RM1000 and your gold. And the gold's price is just the same with your money in the pocket. You want to exchange the money into their money at there. Agak- agak berapa yang boleh dapat bila dah exchange? If compare dengan gold mana yang boleh dapat banyak? Of course lah Gold!

So, emas memang sangat berharga! For me owning gold is as insurance. Don't ever think  of gold as a way to make money. And it's better if we buy the gold in small amounts regularly, every month for example over a period of time rather than beli sekaligus banyak. But it depends lah. Kalau dah harga tengah murah kat kitco.com tu rebutlah beli! 

And just dont worry about selling the gold when that time comes. Gold is recognized and valued everywhere in the world. Gold also can protect against both deflation and inflation.  

It is really amazing talking about gold. Well.. A million thanks to RS Gold Jewellery sebab bagi banyak info tentang emas. Perkhidmatan yang bagus juga. They have jewellery, dinar, syiling and etc.. Walaupun company mereka masih baru but harga yang diberikan memang sangat memuaskan hati I. You guys are just awesome! Mungkin next time nak beli lagi. Insyaallah... :D

5/09/2012 06:25:00 pm


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